To start, you will need to make 1 donation to your first level upline so you will be active in the system and invite 3 people with your referral link from which you will receive 3 donations. Receiving the 3 donations you will have to donate 1 to your second level upline in order to receive the 9 donations from your second level referals. Received the 9 donations you will donate to your third level upline to receive the 27 donations from your third level referals. Everything is repeated every month and you will donate a total of 0.09 btc every month and receive a total of 1.62 btc each month. Your direct referrals are only 3, each of them will have to invite 3 people each to be your second level referals and the latter will have to invite 3 people each to be your 27 referals of the third level. Everything will double for each one of them

After your registration you have a time of 48 hours to make the first donation to your first upline (your sponsor) and activate your account. Should you not do so, your account will be deleted. At the completion of 30 days from your subscription, if you do not have at least one ref in your first level, you have a time frame of 48 hours to renew your first level, to avoid the cancelation of your account from the system.